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Stephen Eastaugh-Waring: Hip Surgeon in Bristol

Having trained in Bristol and Toronto, Stephen Eastaugh-Waring is an experienced and well known Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Hip surgery.

With a specialist practice in both the Young (Stephen runs a specialist clinic for young and adolescent hip problems) and elderly patients, he can offer an expert opinion on any aspect of hip disease. Practising at five hospitals in Bristol, you can visit Stephen at a location convenient to you.

Around 75% of my leading hip surgery practice is related to hip replacements and resurfacing, and 25% to the knee. The hip can present a wide range of problems and pathologies, and as such an orthopaedic surgeon needs a range of abilities to help the variety of patients who seek help.

Primary hip replacement is the staple procedure for most hip specialists, and improving surgical techniques and technologies mean that we can offer solutions to even the youngest of arthritic patients, and have a reasonable expectation of life long success. The designs of hip implants mean we can preserve a patient's bone for longer, and conservative designs mean that subsequent procedures, should they be required, carry less trauma and risk than previously.

Revision hip replacement has likewise improved of late, with designs 'loading' the bone better than ever before and thereby maintaining bone strength for longer.

Younger patients are increasingly presenting with 'pre-arthritic' symptoms such as impingement lesions and labral tears. These can now be treated either as open or key-hole procedures allowing day-case surgery, and we hope, delaying the onset of subsequent arthritis.

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